Seema Bhangar

Seema Bhangar

US Green Building Council

    Seema Bhangar, PhD, serves as Principal, Healthy Buildings and Communities, for Innovation and Research at the US Green Building Council. She previously held program manager and technical lead roles at the commercial real estate firm WeWork and an environmental sensing technology startup, Aclima. She serves on a National Academies expert committee and the board of an independent nonprofit, the Indoor Air Institute. Seema was a postdoctoral research fellow at U.C. Berkeley, where she also completed a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and an M.S. in public health. She holds a B.A.S. from Stanford University.

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    Day 2 August 16, 2023
    1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    Indoor Environmental Quality

    While the Covid pandemic certainly shined a bright light on the importance of healthy indoor environments, creating and maintaining indoor environmental quality has a pre-Covid history and a post-Covid challenge. The ROI of health and comfort conditions is expressed in employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. This session will explore the lessons learned from this reinvigorated focus on healthy indoor air and technologies that were deployed during the pandemic and their measured or perceived benefits.