Josh Cales

Josh Cales

ATS Automation

    Josh Cales joined ATS Automation as the President in June of 2019. Prior to joining ATS, Josh spent five years as VP & GM of Alerton & Phoenix Controls, two building automation businesses for Honeywell. During that time, he worked to enhance control systems for critical environments with a specific focus on improving operating room air quality. He also launched initiatives to in integrate AI technologies to connect people with buildings. Prior to that, he spent 10 years in China building a business focused on improving air quality and emissions for major infrastructure and petrochemical projects throughout the region. Josh is passionate about leveraging technology and the tools we have to make life better! Josh earned a degree in engineering from Oral Roberts University.

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    Day Two August 25, 2021
    1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

    Smart Tech Systems Network Infrastructure - Best Practices

    Smart building technology leverages building data to save costs and enhance the tenant experience. Gathering the data and sharing between control platforms to create use cases makes these things possible. The challenge up to now has been how to efficiently gather, normalize and analyze that data. This is a challenge for both new and existing buildings. While the new tools of AI and cloud computing are rapidly changing how that’s done, making it easier, cheaper and far more advanced than was possible a short time ago, the elephant in the room is how can this data be shared safely to the cloud? Uploading huge amounts of data and then using it to operate IoT devices for building controls creates cybersecurity risks that require attention. This session will cover best practices in smart network design and cybersecurity.