Emeka Anyanwu

Emeka Anyanwu

Seattle City Light

    Emeka has been with Seattle City Light since March 2018 and leads the utility’s business unit responsible for work in innovation strategy, transportation and building electrification, grid modernization, implementation of strategic grid technologies, and the utility’s IT and OT technology strategy, and cybersecurity functions. He is also responsible for overseeing regional affairs and trade organization engagements, power resource management functions, and the power marketing operations of the utility, including acquiring wholesale power, transmission, and other related services to meet the utility's short and long-term demand. The team’s work drives Seattle City Light’s strategic execution to meet the Utility’s current and future customer and community needs and expectations in the new energy marketplace. Emeka has been in the industry for over 2 decades, marking 5 years with Seattle in March 2023, after having previously been at Kansas City Power & Light Company (now Evergy) for 16 years.

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    Day 1 August 15, 2023
    9:00 am - 10:00 am

    Accelerating the Pace of Deployment: The Road to Making Buildings Smart, Efficient & Carbon Free

    The current pace of retrofitting commercial and institutional buildings across the United States is on a 300-year timeline. Almost no one believes that is acceptable. If the technology exists – and the Smart Buildings Exchange sessions that follow demonstrate this – and the financing of projects is increasingly accessible with Inflation Reduction Act and carbon market funds starting to flow, then why isn’t our pace of deployment faster? This moderated panel discussion brings together public and private sector senior leaders to describe how they challenged their organizations to move now on projects that made their infrastructure smarter and more efficient with lower carbon emissions. Is organizational leadership from the very top the key to solving the 300-year problem? Get motivated by this session to experience the technology and practice ideas for the three days of SBX 2023.