Alexi Miller

Alexi Miller

New Buildings Institute

    Alexi Miller is the Acting Director of Building Innovation at NBI. He helps lead key initiatives including the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative and the Advanced Water Heating Initiative and is deeply involved in projects related to emerging technology, building electrification, building-grid integration, and other topics on the vanguard of building decarbonization. In his spare time, Alexi loves skiing, gardening, capoeira, and camping.

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    Day 2 August 16, 2023
    9:00 am - 10:30 am

    Smart Approaches for Building Electrification & Carbon Reduction

    This session will explore both new construction and retrofit examples of buildings that embraced electrification and eliminated carbon emissions. Deploying smart technologies is not an end but a means – along with a set of strategic design and equipment selection choices – to reduce a building’s carbon footprint and provide a compelling return on investment for the building owner. Whether you are involved in a new building project or trying to find the best path for your existing building, this session will help you thread the needle of smart solutions with a solid business case behind them.